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Justin first began his yoga journey in 2011 shortly after moving to the central coast. From the moment of his very first yoga experience he felt the revolutionizing effects on his health, both physically and mentally. Originally it was a way to recover the body from weight lifting but once he discovered inversions his perspective was flipped. Justin fell in love with yoga there after and completely transformed his life. He trained with the extraordinary Rocky Heron at SLO Yoga Center completing his RYT 200 in 2016 which instilled a clear focus on alignment. Today as a compassionate yoga instructor balancing both strength and flexibility he is dedicated to transforming the world with the art of yoga and truly believes that as we strengthen our mind, body and spirit connection the positive changes are bringing peace upon this earth.

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I am so grateful for what yoga has made of my life. From the very beginning I have always sought to share its magic. I offer a variety of class types merging what I have learned along my journey helping others in their growth. Whether you are looking for a gentle flow to release tension in various parts of the body or you want to work on your press handstand, There is always an option. Through the alchemical process of yoga we create transformation. 

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  1. I have been attending Justin's Yoga class once a week, for several months now. I appreciate how Justin adapts the class to my needs at the time. If my back needs attention, then we focus on the back. If my intestines need attention, we do more twists and so on. I am amazed at the level that Justin is at, with his Yoga practice. His intensity gives me inspiration. Justin always encourages me and pushes me, all while keeping the poses at my lower skill level. He assists me if I struggle with the more difficult poses. Keeping my body flexible and clearing my Chakra's weekly, has improved my overall quality of life. I have attended other Yoga classes, but Justin is so dedicated to Yoga and has such a calm caring demeanor it is a match made in heaven. He really helps me thrive, under his teaching. I have recommended Justin to others and guarantee that he will help expand your Yoga horizons. Namaste
    Gina Mori
  2. Justin Stanley is a great friend and a master yogi. He truly embodies the yogic principle of ahimsa (or non-violence) and exhibits a level of patience which isn't found in other instructors. I am truly grateful to have found such a gem in the yogic community.
    Jimmy Niven

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