My Classes

Hatha Small Groups

Ideal for all Levels

Moving with the breath is a crucial part of the asana (physical) practice. Hatha is a powerful alignment based flow with each breath encompassing a transition. These classes can range from a more gentle approach to a vigorous Vinyasa style, depending on the skill and energy level of the moment. Whichever the class is geared toward we will be sure to ignite our core strength, open our potential for flexibility and tap into our prospective balance.

AcroYoga One on One or Small Groups

Ideal for all levels

Once i discovered Acro my yoga practice was forever changed. From imprinting key alignment points to trusting in yourself and others alike. Acro is sure to bring many benefits into your life. I believe it is always best to start with a more therapeutic flying and basing experience, then working up to more difficult transitions and washing machines.

Evolution of Inversions

Ideal for all Levels

Inversions are what spawned my love for yoga. Here we will focus on finding comfort in ALL inversions. From headstand to shoulder stand as well as finding the proper alignment in starting in your down dog to prepare your arms for standing with ease! This is perfect for any skill level, whether you are looking to hold your handstand in the middle of the room or you are hot on the trail of the illusive press. This is sure to be an uplifting experience as we embody growing trees.